• Katie Mullender

Why Poundland Is A Student's Holy Grail

Poundland: A Mecca for everyone counting the hours until their loan drops.

It may not be renowned for glamour, but the humble discount chain has more than its share of plus points. It's so easy to fall into the trap of overpaying for items in the supermarket because it's convenient, but you could majorly reduce your spend by picking them up here. Some may call it the ultimate test of self control, how can you be expected to resist another Skittles-scented candle and a kilo of Cheese Savouries when "they're only £1..."

1. The tiny bottles of WD40.

Because someone's door is DEFINITELY going to squeak. Might make a good secret santa present if you're a bit of a pillock.

2. Packet instant coffee.

For those times when the milk is neither accessible or appealing.

3. Tea towels.

Always good to have a spare for when yours goes missing, catches fire or starts to smell like a corpse.

4. Toothpaste and Mouthwash.

Everyone talks about realising how expensive cheese is, but can we talk about TOOTHPASTE?!

5. DVD's!

Always good to have an emergency stash for when the wifi goes down.

6. Coathangers.

10 for £1. Because no-one really wants to fold their clothes.

7. Cupboard staples.

Anything with Heinz or Ambrosia written on it. Poundland is the place for long life food.

8. Umbrellas.

My Poundland umbrellas have travelled with me to London, Liverpool, even Sicily. Only one was lost to the Cornish wind. Rest in peace.

9. Baking dishes and glasses.

Doesn't even need an explanation. You could start uni with a complete set of bespoke Murano drinking glasses and by the end all you'll have left is Poundland pint cups. Same goes for baking dishes, buy them with the expectation that you'll get them ruined in halls, and invest a little more when you move into a house.

10. Tin foil, cling film and sandwich bags.

Each are pretty much half the price of their supermarket alternative, and you get MORE!

11. Waterproof plasters.

You will get through SO many plasters, why wouldn't you want 100 for £1?

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