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Why I'm Making Body-Neutral New Year's Resolutions- And Why You Should Too

Brace yourselves, the month of FitTea's advertising push is nearly upon us.

New Year has become synonymous with dieting and there is simply no avoiding it. As interested as I am in peoples New Years resolutions, and I do see it as an opportunity for positive change, juice cleanses and Keto do not fall under that category. Diet culture as such persuades us that the best use of this "new start" is to change our appearances somehow...but don't we have better things to do with our time?

If I learnt one thing from losing a lot of weight when I wasn't overweight to start with, it's that happiness does not increase when weight drops. That is because weight is rarely the core reason for a lack of happiness, in fact, weight loss can begin as a coping mechanism for whatever is really bothering you. The willpower required gives you something to focus on, but willpower runs out. Statistically, 95% of diets fail- why on earth do we keep attempting them?

I've made three new years resolutions, all of which are contentment-focused and achievable. Read on to find out what they are, and what they could also do for you.

1. Practice Hygge.

There's nothing like a foreign word following "practice" to strike fear into the hearts of every stubborn Brit. Hygge, (pronounced hoo-gah) is actually very simple, and though the word cannot be directly translated, it encompasses ideas of cosiness, and appreciating the simple things in life. The concept originates from Scandinavia, where winter nights are long and the cold is unrelenting, making it hard to believe that their countries register top on the world happiness index. Hygge has been attributed to this, and therefore gained worldwide acclaim.

A quick browse of Pinterest will bring you up to date on Hygge essentials, you may already have them in your home. Candles, comfortable clothes and a cosy area of your home just for relaxing are key principles, amongst baking, family dinners and reading. Ultimately it is a personal decision, to engage in whatever brings you the most happiness and contentment.

2. Read more.

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." Have you ever met an influential person who didn't read?

It's most definitely taken a back seat in my life since studying for my degree, and though I regularly browse art-related books I am determined to spend more time with my nose in a book during 2019. A great thing to aim for with new years resolutions is to have them feed into each other, as this one does with my former. First on my reading list is actually "The little book of Hygge," which I cannot wait to unwrap on Christmas day.

3. Visit new places.

My boyfriend and I have been scrimping and saving every penny in the previous few months, (see my post on How To Save More Money) to eventually afford a trip to New York. Neither of us have visited the states before and we are thrilled to even be planning it, but with this resolution I'll be starting much closer to home. Villages in the New Forest and several little towns across England's south coast are up first, hopefully with more of the North of England later in the year...maybe even Denmark as I'm quickly becoming invested in their culture.

What New Year's Resolutions are you making- if any? I'd love to hear about them!

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