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The Only Student Cookbooks You Need

It's a week before you're due to move to Uni, and a well-meaning family member thrusts a cookbook into your hand.

"Stay away from those takeaways!!" They order as you politely flick through, wondering when you'll ever need to "Serve 12" and what aisle of One Stop would sell Truffle Oil. 

The fundamental issue is most of these "Student Cookbook" writers are acclaimed chefs who've forgotten what it's ilike to be a University student; to produce a substantial meal using third of an oven shelf and a toaster. Having perused dozens in search for recipes that make you want to put down the pot noodle and pick up a pan, I've concluded that these are all you need to get started in the kitchen.

Miguel Barclay: Cookbooks by the Original One Pound Chef

These are first on the list because if you're interesting in only buying one book, you'd be a fool not to choose one from this series. Miguel Barclay has released 3 so far- The original, (right,) the most recent: "Super Easy One Pound Meals, "and "One Pound Meals: Fast and Fresh" which I am yet to purchase but still intend to. Each has a niche: "One Pound Meals" was the original showstopper, doing exactly what he stated on the cover. "Fast and Fresh" placed a focus on lighter foods, shattering the assumption that cooking with fresh produce has to break the bank. "Super Easy One Pound Meals" uses only one pot, pan, or dish. If that doesn't scream student friendly, I don't know what does.

The Ultimate Student Cookbook by Fiona Beckett

Amen to the chef that understands frozen vegetables are a student staple. This cookbook actually belonged to one of my previous housemates and I found myself sneaking a peak at it more often than I'd like to admit. Beckett not only gives you all the recipes you could ever want to know in Plain English, she tells you how to do the most basic things that you're too afraid to ask about. (No judgement if you still don't know how to fry an egg.)

Side note: the "ultimate stir fry" recipe is bang on.

Books by Justine Pattison: Easy as 1-2-3 

Please note that the "without the calories" and "weight loss" elements of Pattison's branding should be ignored, and I am in no way promoting weight loss here. Trust me, I've been there, and I'll save that for another post.

The reason I am supporting these books?

The best mozzarella meatball lasagne recipe I've ever encountered and the easiest Ratatouille I've made. The recipes are simple to follow, and quite frankly, delicious. Though there are several in the series I would particularly recommend the book to the right and "Quick and Easy," which is easy to spot with its bright pink cover. I've found that if you like a recipe book by a particular author, stick with them: their cooking style will translate seamlessly from book to book and in turn, shape yours. 

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