• Katie Mullender

My Go To Trick For Increasing Productivity

Would you quit procrastinating if you were given the choice?

We've all fallen victim to it, the casual scroll of Instagram that turns into 2 hours absolutely wasted, being frustrated all the while that you simply can't stop. When holding yourself accountable to a to-do list is not always enough, this method acts as the missing link.

Time blocking.

Think back to going to school. Each lesson was an hour- you'd work for an hour on that subject, then afterwards you would move onto another. You had no choice, therefore, all the work for said subject had to be completed within the time constraints. Time-blocking is this concept extended into your every day life.

It works like this: In a bullet journal or planner, write in a horizontal line the hours of the day numerically, in which you have to complete your tasks. Below it, draw a tick box and write the activity. Colour in the tick box and highlight the time assigned in a matching colour.

You have successfully time-blocked- now, go put it to use!

Check out my favourite video on the matter for more information:

If you try this- and you definitely should- let me know how it has revolutionised your day!

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