• Katie Mullender

How To Decorate Your Halls Room

Think your mum was strict with your bedroom decoration?

Think again.

Though it varies between Universities, the rules on what you can and can't have in halls are pretty solid, and quite odd. You could have more portable grills than Drake and Josh, but get caught lighting a candle- it's game over.

Making your halls room feel homely is one of the most valuable things you can do with your spare time, and it doesn't need to be expensive or complicated. Save that money for things that matter, like Jack Daniels and Cathedral City.

1. Put up battery powered fairy lights.

They're cheaper than regular lights and they're always reduced in Primark. Some Halls let you have mains-powered lights but not all, so check beforehand.

2. Get some clever storage.

If you're lucky you'll have space underneath your bed, and there is nothing better to put there than some storage boxes stuffed full of everything you don't need on display. As sensible as it is to bring a sick bucket with you, you won't want to be greeted with it every time you go to your room.

3. Buy a load of cushions for your bed.

Always nice to have something soft to cry into after you check your bank balance.

4. Use white tack or no-more-nails to put up photos and posters.

Blu-tac in halls is like the housemate that's always up for going out but doesn't know their limit. You appreciate it, you'd rather have it than not, but it's guaranteed to leave a nasty mark on your carpet. The other two options are far more subtle, and having pictures around your room will be a great icebreaker.

5. Get a comfy rug.

Because no-one knows what that carpet has been through, (sorry.)

Bonus- Buy a four-pin plug!

Important- Four pin plugs are allowed, but usually more pins than that is not. Still really worth it though, without one it'll feel like staying in a Premier Inn for a year and only being able to charge one thing at a time.

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