• Katie Mullender

Healthy Habits To Adopt When Starting University

It's reasonable to admit that "Healthy" and "University" aren't generally found in the same sentence. Perhaps this is because we've over-complicated the meaning of what it is to be healthy, confusing it with things called "Teatox" and supplements which slim little more than our savings. Healthy, in my opinion, should exist equally in the same bracket as self-care and wellbeing. Although it is a paradox to put yourself first when University is so heavily defined by being social, these simple practices will pull you back to earth when everything else is up in the air.

1. Phone your relatives.

We've all been there, deadlines get into your head and before you know it your dad is phoning up to make sure you're still alive. Even if you set aside particular evenings and set an alarm to remind yourself, make it a priority- they probably miss you!

2. Take vitamins.

^That would be fresher's flu.

The likelihood is you won't just get it once- maximise your chances of avoiding it by taking a multivitamin every day, (I wish I'd remembered more often!)

3. Drink your water!

A good way to make sure you do this is by getting a big bottle, I'm talking 1 litre or more, and drinking from that. It's much easier to remember to drink that twice than having 8 glasses a day.

4. Buy (and use) a planner.

Whether it's a desk memo pad or a full-on bullet journal, find something that works for you. Your phone may seem more practical but if something happens to it, you'll be screwed- it's not like you'll be taking your Filofax to the club on Student Tuesday's.

5. Schedule in a weekly food shop.

Preferably, in that planner! This is the best way to avoid impulse takeaways and googling the question "what can I make for dinner using spaghetti hoops and Sourz?"

6. Eat breakfast.

I refuse to believe that anyone can function at optimum level without breakfast, skipping it is about as commendable as inhaling that multipack of Mini Cheddars when you're starving at 11am.

7. Schedule in time to do a little bit extra towards your course.

Sounds like a boring one, but if you aren't interested enough to read around your subject then why on earth are you forking out £9k a year to study it?

8. Budget!

Doesn't have to be complicated, just have a rough idea of how much you're aiming to spend week-to-week and the bank balance you never want to go below, unless it's an emergency. There are loads of apps to help with this!

9. Find a way to keep active.

Gym memberships are pretty expensive so don't feel obliged to get one just to follow the crowd. Try walking more to save money on transport, join sport societies at your Uni or look for classes and courts that you can book at the gym. Badminton was my favourite- hire the court for an hour with some friends and split the cost, it's even cheaper if you play in doubles!

10. Clear out your room regularly to maximise space.

Halls rooms can feel very cluttered if you don't regularly clear them of the things you no longer need. If you travel home regularly, keep only seasonal clothes in your room (you won't miss that strappy playsuit in January,) and don't hold onto things you don't use, or like. Sell them on Depop, give them to a friend, give them to charity- send them to a better home!

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