• Katie Mullender

Gallery Meets 'Gram: The Most Insta- Worthy Art in London

Have you experienced the heartbreak of visiting an exhibition, whipping out your phone to take a quick snap, and being scolded by security as if you've just unhinged the Mona Lisa? It's hard to believe that only twenty years ago, exhibition catalogues (often more expensive than your ticket) were the only way to see the work away from the vicinity. It has become the ultimate notion of exclusivity in the art world to prohibit image sharing- a retaliation to the blurred boundaries of fine art and forgery that social media has prompted. Serial instagrammers, fear not- these hand-picked artworks will have your feed popping. What better way to fill space between re-grammed motivational quotes.

1. #TheFutureStartsHere at the V&A.

It's a well documented fact that the V&A is home to some of the most aesthetically pleasing artwork and fashion on earth. An arguable detour from this but equally as exciting- The Future Starts Here addresses the changing nature of design. Featuring a full spectrum of coloured lights, there's something to slot into every feed, and the exhibition itself is an excellent way to wise up on internet culture. You can learn about why you're inclined to Instagram it while doing so.

£16 (Concessions available.)

2. The Gallery at Sketch.

Sketch is actually a restaurant which prides itself on the art it exhibits. This location also gets extra brownie points for the design of the toilets. I'm not joking.

Currently the work displayed is by Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley. Stick that in your photo caption- I won't tell it came from here.

3. Fliegen ohne Flugel.

Presented by the Saatchi gallery; it's impossible not to be drawn in by the colours and shapes in this playful selection by J. P. Dordolo. If it takes your fancy, don't delay, it's only open until the 27th of May. Plan a visit ASAP or you'll find it disappearing faster than your instagram story.

4. Mural Wall on Carnaby Street by Hunto.

Instagrammers are busy people, maybe you simply don't have an hour to visit a gallery. This vibrant mural is perfectly placed on one of Londons most lively roads- Carnaby Street is the envy of all foreign fashionistas. This piece is dynamic enough to feature solo...but would also make a fantastic backdrop for your #ootd.

5. Bold Tendencies at Peckham Multi-Storey Carpark.

New York, Paris, Peckham. Everybody laughed when Delboy and Rodney plastered this across their van- who'd have thought they might be onto something? Organisation Bold Tendencies have ensured it rivals even the most trendy of global art spots with their installation, commissioning artist Simon Whybray to make the staircase area entirely pink, from the ground to the ceiling. Need I say more!

Whether you're an art novice or the next Picasso, these works are a must-see regardless of their social media suitability. Happy 'gramming folks. All exposure is good exposure, right?

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