• Katie Mullender

Bloggers Who Are Nailing Their Festive Feed

All the Christmas Inspo you could possibly need.

In times of student loan scarceness, we look to bloggers to show us the life we dreamily aspire to. Attempting to make my abhorrent number of hours spent on Instagram useful, I've compiled the ultimate festive influencers- have fun stalking their feeds back to 2009.

Josie's elegant, neutral outfits were made for the festive season. You will feel luxurious just scrolling through her Instagram.

Think Christmas is just about red, green and gold? Alex is here to prove otherwise.

Beth isn't even in the UK for Christmas and she's already got her winter feed down to a T. She also has, in my opinion, the best Christmas Giveaways going.

Ellie has one of the most creatively Christmassy feeds I've seen- would you believe she's a full time Uni student?!

It's no surprise that Em Sheldon has conquered the Instagram Christmas- we wouldn't expect anything less.

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